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what does kimberly listen to? =)

* arcade fire, 'Funeral' - weird lyrics + instrumental backgrounds = good, in my book.

* belle and sebastian, 'If You're Feeling Sinister' - toe-tapping, soft spoken goodness.

* elliott smith, 'Either/Or' - elliott's music is beautiful, complex, thoughtful, poignant and just wonderful.

* magnetic fields, 'i' - quirky, irreverent, funny, melodic.

* phoenix, 'Alphabetical' - quirky, electronic glittery and shiny. not a lot of depth, but if you feel like a good shimmy...

* pinback, 'Summer in Abaddon' - i love this album. the melodies are catchy, the songs are just plain good.

* the sea and cake, 'Oui' - relaxing and instrumentally-driven.

Usually I don't buy CDs, but I've found these to be worth the money.
So, support these starving millionaire musicians. Be a capitalistic whore, spend, buy, listen, and enjoy!
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