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So it's been awhile since I've posted in here and since I've been trapped in the house for a week due to SNOWPOCALYPSE 2008 aka ARTIC BLAST, it seemed like the perfect time.

It all started last Sunday. We got about 2" of snow and the news made it out to be something horrible. Portland seems to shut down as soon as the first flake arrives. Little did we all know that is would be the beginning of the biggest snow storm since 1968. It snowed a little off and on that week, but it was this past Saturday 12/20 that a blizzard hit the Portland area. It continued to snow in Portland through Sunday and today (Monday) we woke up to 4" more of snow. In total the Gresham area got about 18" total of snow on the ground, and up to 8ft snow drifts in some places. The airport canceled tons of flights, max lines were frozen and buses barely made it around the city. I've missed almost a week of work, as I commute from Gresham to Tigard and it hs been virtually impossible to get there. I have a feeling I won't be back at work till after Christmas. Apparently there are 2 more storms brewing. I hope our house doesn't cave in.
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